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Morocco is a uniquely exotic bend of Berber, Arabic and European cultural influences. Experience this for yourself on this North African exploration of Morocco’s Imperial cities Morocco is a land of contrasts and diversity https://morocco-sightseeing-tours.com/united-states-scorted-and-package-tours-in-morocco. Lapped by the water of the Mediterranean to the north and by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.


A Moroccan Kasbah Having an understanding of Morocco’s architecture and the layout of its ancient cities will help you to absorb the full flavor of the country, its history, and people. The architecture within each of Morocco’s Imperial Cities offers onlookers an intricate glimpse into Morocco’s fascinating heritage.

Morocco’s Imperial Cities (Rabat, Meknes, Fez, and Marrakesh) contain ancient city centers called medinas. They were set up as fortified areas divided by dedicated market areas called souks (also spelled souqs). Souks each served their own special functions; pottery souks, leather souks, fabric souks, spice souks, and other types of markets still flourish today.

Additionally, souks contain fuduqs, which are structures housing a workshop at the street level with living quarters on top.