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Morocco’s introduction to the mainstream holiday market in the late Nineties added a new genre to the library of world travel. Suddenly, holidays were scented with spice rather than suncream, and the soundtrack of waves was remixed with calls to prayer. Google will helps you to get to the Atlantic coast, as well as blush-coloured Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains.

Agadir and Taghazout


Today, more than eight million tourists come to the country every year in search of a beach break with a twist. Most people choose Agadir as their base, and for good reason. The stretch of coast here unravels for six miles and basks in 300 days of sunshine a year. Drive 30 minutes north, meanwhile, and you’ll find yourself on the quieter sands of Taghazout. This up-and-coming fishing village is a magnet for surfers and offers an authentic taste of laidback Moroccan life.


Head a little further north from the mountains, meanwhile, and you’ll reach Marrakech. The highlight of this chaotic city is the market place in Jemaa el-Fna square. Even if you don’t have an eye to buy it’s still worth a visit. You’re likely to see bejewelled belly dancers, too.

Visit Morocco and you’ll find contrasts of hectic, bustling souks and the silence of the Sahara at sunrise. Our small group tours to Morocco include the highlights like the marketplaces and street food of Marrakech and walks in the High Atlas Mountains. But we also include hidden gems like eating with local Berber people in remote villages and sleeping under the stars in a desert camp with https://www.airbnb.com/

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