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Choose your trip well

Choose your route according to your fitness and your adaptability. We have classified our activities by difficulty levels which allow you to estimate the difficulty of the trek and the fitness level needed and Corriere della Sera
The recommended level of each circuit is shown in the specification sheet. For more information, please contact us.

Prepare your equipment well

Before leaving for a trip to the desert or in the mountains, you should always take into account the specific natural environments you are visiting and how this will affect what you take. Remember both the sun and often that the wind and cold can take you by surprise.

Prepare Physically

For any trip, you should prepare yourself to the correct fitness and be in good health on the day of departure and during the expedition. The preparation must be adapted to the level of difficulty of the trip chosen. If you need to improve your levels of fitness, it is advisable to start this at least two months before the start date of the trip.

Please note that fitness levels and acclimatization to altitude are two independent phenomena; Being fit will help you to enjoy the trip but the level of fitness does not prevent altitude sickness, this is more dependent on acclimatization time as you ascend and cannot be rushed, so speed awareness is key.

Prepare psychologically

Travel adventures may include some unexpected events, so it is always advisable to accept the unexpected. These are often very real moments and remain unforgettable. The group travel requires your adaptability and positive attitude, the spirit of the team and a sense of humor are keys necessary to ensure a good atmosphere and the success of your stay.

The progress of stay

The smooth progress of your stay is our main objective. Whatever the terrain and difficulty level of your trip, the whole team at Guide Trekking Maroc devotes its energy and resources to the success of your voyage to guarantee you a quality service. We make sure your trip is peaceful and secure.

Inquire About

– The regions you would like to visit.
– The condition of trails, routes or tracks that you wish to travel on.
– Local weather forecasts at
– The different lifestyles of the places you are visiting.
– Lay out what you wish to achieve on your expedition.
– Updated plans and maps of your chosen area, with a good scale

Prepare your Material

Before leaving for the trip, it is always advisable:

– Make sure your equipment is in good condition, suitable for your type of expedition.
–  Have adequate protection for local weather conditions.
– Make sure you have the right inoculations.
– Prepare your luggage well.
– Prepare your first aid kit and carry personal medication.
– Get insurance, which includes repatriation assistance…?


Check the small print of your insurance policy to make sure you have good cover, taking care to look at the exclusion clauses and the amount of reimbursable amounts in the case of buying pharmaceutical products and will cover hospitalization, if necessary in the country you are visiting. Make sure you have all the insurance companies contact details readily at hand should you need to contact them while you are away.

The financial terms of treatment and hospitalization vary greatly from one country to another. The coverage offered by insurance companies during a trip also varies. To avoid unpleasant surprises, check with your insurance company before leaving.

During the flight

When traveling by air, it is highly desirable to think about keeping a part of your first aid kit in your hand luggage and to carry clothing and walking shoes, in case your luggage goes missing or is delayed.

General Information

To travel in the mountains or to the desert you need to accept some uncertainty and unknown moments. Good preparation helps before you leave will help you to relax and enjoy the discovery and adventure.

Guide Trekking Maroc has prepared these pages to answer your many questions; whether you are good walkers, contemplative hikers or just lovers of nature. These pages contain information and practical tools that will help you to get the most from your trip. You will find information about health, travel, paperwork and equipement.

Please read carefully the sections below you will find extensive information and advice to help you prepare.

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