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Morocco Sightseeing Tours Founder

M’hamed Majhoudi is the dynamic founder of Morocco Sightseeing Tours. After studies at Kadi Ayad University, he decided on a career that allowed him to explore diverse parts of the country and share its beauty with those interested in discovery and adventure.

After graduating from the Center de Formation Aux Metiers de Montagne, Certificate N° 542/09 (mountain and desert guide training center), he was qualified and approved by the Moroccan Tourism Ministry.

Today, with several years experience behind him, he has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the technical, legal and commercial developments within the tourism environment.  His professional approach ensures all Morocco Sightseeing Tours trips are well-organized and enjoyable, and he would be happy to provide references from clients of previous treks and tours.

he is always has the best interests and satisfaction of his clients in mind so that people can participate free of concerns. His knowledge of the mountains and valleys of the Atlas and the deserts beyond, coupled with his training, ensure his clients experience the timeless wonders of nature in safety and security.  His extensive cultural knowledge not only benefits clients visiting the remote mountain villages and desert oases, but also those interested in exploring the ancient cities and Atlantic coastal towns.

Morocco Sightseeing Tours Team:

We have grown-up in Morocco surrounded by so many historic ancient sights and such beautiful scenery. We are fully aware of the timelessness of our Country and its place in world history. Now as a fully qualified Moroccan tour guides, We have been working in the tourism in Morocco for the last 12 years and We are able to share our knowledge and experiences.