Toiletry bag

– toiletries: prefer biodegradable products.
– a towel and a swimsuit
– a sunscreen
– toilet paper
– humidified towels type wipes.
– Lip balm

– Ryanair

Necessary accessories

– a pair of sunglasses
– a gourd (1.5 liter minimum)
– a pocket knife (to be stored in the luggage compartment)
– 1 headlamp
– bulbs and spare batteries
– a sleeping bag and a self-inflating mattress
– a lighter


However, plan a small individual pharmacy:

– compresses, bandages
– antiseptic
– analgesic
– cotton
– eyewash
– anti-inflammatory ointment
– anti-parasitic powder
– antidiarrheal
– hydroclorazone
– analgesics
– vitamins C
– mosquito repellent (in tropical zone)
– antibiotics (according to doctor’s advice)
– biafine

(scissors, hold-up safety pins, hold-down tweezers)

Photo / Video

Remember to stock up on batteries and memory cards before departure and take plastic bags to protect the material from the grains of sand.


– a hat or cap
– a rain cape or a K-way
– light cotton trousers
– crotch
– Sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts
– T-shirts (1 for 2 or 3 days of walking).
– hot sweaters for the evening
– a fleece jacket
– a light jumper

– Ryanair


– underwear
– walking socks, avoid very long cotton to dry

The list of clothes must be adapted according to the season of the country


– Good light, airy walking shoes, with good grip on the
different terrains.
– Waterproof shoes (pataugase style).
– 1 pair of sandals or pair of relaxing shoes for the evening

– Ryanair